Directory listings from “dir” in Windows in wrong codepage

When trying to output a directory listing using dir /b /s > files.txt I had a problem where the accented characters were appearing incorrectly. The solution (found in this answer on was to change the codepage of the terminal before running the command with chcp 1252 (in this case it changes it to the […]

Process PayPal Express Checkout for third parties

Today I needed to find out how to process PayPal Express Checkout transactions for third parties. PayPal allows merchants to give permissions to other merchants to perform transactions on their behalf, without having to hand over their private API username, password and signature. While we have implemented Express Checkout for ourselves, I couldn’t find out […]

Find files modified between two dates on Linux

Older versions of find don’t support the -newermt predicate, so you cannot use it. As a workaround, you could use the -newer predicate. That predicate needs a file as a reference: instead of an absolute modification date, it will use the modification date of the file. You can create appropriate “marker files” for this purpose, […]